Tuesday, March 1, 2016

[Blog] - From a Fan: JaDine Best OTWOL Scenes

Picture Screenshot from Dreamscapeph Instagram

So we posted another question about what are the best scenes by JaDine in their teleserye "On The Wings Of Love" and here's come the answer from one of their Fan:

"Citing their vows with each other solemnly in the eyes of God and of the many people who witnessed their "I DO" Summarizing to"IT's Worth It" from Reel to Real Love Team of the Year!!!" - Lou Medina

"When they started their acts at Lake Tahoe... Where both feelings in their hearts started!!! Cool scene @ Lake Tahoe, the beginning of everything..." - Lou Medina

Although we only gather 1 comment from the post, still it is important and we appreciate this fan for having an effort to write her answer and that's why we feature her comments.


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About JaDine Lovers
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